Murder is the wrongful taking of human life–to which, I think most agree, all people have a right to life.  I’ll cite this argumentation later–but there is no morally important difference between killing and letting die–both taking life directly, and allowing life to die when you could have prevented it at no comparable cost is murder.  Consequently, any capitalist who withholds that which people need to life, i.e. food, clothes, shelter, etc., is a capitalist who commits murder.  Additionally, any capitalist who prevents them from getting the needs to provide these goods at no cost (e.g. banks, resouce providers, etc), are murderers.  The capitalist system itself, and its law of distribution of goods, “distribute according to effective demand,” ignores goods such that needs can remain unmet, and people die.  Consequently, the capitalist law of distribution necessitates murder, and violates rights.  Consequently, it is absolutely and unconditionally wrong.  Capitalism necessitates capital punishment for the poor.