There is international outrage over Myanmar’s military junta’s prevention of international aid in the wake of Cyclone Nargis.  The aftermath of this cyclone, provided by the junta’s prevention of foreign aid and not themselves helping, has left 134,000 dead and missing and up to 2.5 million destitute (current Reuters count).  This has resulted as a result of neglect, of the junta’s prevention of aid and the allowance of the death of their people.  Consequently, a wave of international outrage grows.  For example, “the French ambassador, Jean-Maurice Ripert, said that the junta’s intransigence could lead to a “true crime against humanity.” (“.

So not-helping them and allowing them to starve to death is a crime against humanity?  Well, now, as a socialist I agree.  But what right do capitalists have to make such a claim?  Don’t they support a system whose distribution laws allow thousands to die each year in preventable ways, tens of thousands from starvation alone.  For example: “The number 35,615 is a conservatively low number for the barbarically needless daily deaths the poorest of the poor die. If we were to add the next two leading ways the poorest of the poor die, water borne diseases and AIDS, we would be approaching a daily body count of 50,000 deaths. Yes, upwards of 50,000 people per day are needlessly dying on Earth.”  (, in a system where the wealth of the rich in coercively protected.  If our corporations and capitalists can let the poor starve with impunity, what right do they have to complain?