Dear Readers,

I miss you, and I (Sincerely) love you.  It has been awhile, right?  Well, I’ve been producing a Masters paper while moving twice, getting divorced, and all sorts of shit.  So here’s the deal.  I’m going to try and do right by you, and stay with all the stuff that matters in the news today, and all the stuff that the future needs.  I’ve changed in this process, and I’m finally settled, so I can actually (gasp!) do what matters.  The new year will mark a brand new stage for the Practical Utopian.  I have much to say, soooo much to critique, and a lot to cover.  But. . . first thing is first.  Loose ends need tied.  This is just a relatively little post to let you know. . . I’ve got your back, though I’ve been absent.  The U.S. has been declared a battleground, wherein we can all (in the US) be arrested for no reason, really, and the world is worse than it was than when I’ve last posted.  But I’ve got your back.  I haven’t forgotten you.  Soon enough, back to business.

The Practical Utopian.