So apparently, Michelle Obama wants Hollywood to film more stuff about military families because of their sacrifices or something like that.

Fuck that.

Hollywood doesn’t need another “Mommy/daddy is so heroic and life is so hard” dramatic two hour patriotic family moment.

Hollywood needs to show the effects of war on the people who die in it.  The carnage of the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya/Syria.

Hollywood needs to see all the little dead brown kids, and the new oil contracts.

Hollywood needs to show, maybe, all the soldiers Uncle Sam sent to war under the guise of Al Qaeda connections and WMDs and ‘democracy,’ especially those sent home in body bags, and especially after we found out there were neither Al Qaeda connections nor WMDs.  I’ll give you that, if that’s what you mean.

Hollywood needs to show how hard families in America have it, but you spend how much in military contracts? But Medicare is too costly? How about that, Michelle?

You know, I’m neither ‘hating’ on soldiers or their families.  They all suffer from the fact that Uncle Sam sends them into Hell for no moral reason.  They all suffer from what your husband is doing.


You know, if you’re so concerned about the plight of military families, I have an idea.

Talk to your husband, and get those families’ mothers and fathers and husbands and wives the fuck out of there.